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Burger Boxes and Paper

We have the standard small and large burger boxes. These are available in different colors. Suitable for any kind of burger.


Scoops & Trays

Choose how you serve your fries. We have the standard scoops, but also bags and trays. You can also use these trays to serve different food.

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Chicken Buckets & Boxes

You can serve your chicken in different ways. In all sizes of buckets or dinner boxes.

  • 40 oz: 24 nuggets or 10 wings
  • 64 oz: 36 nuggets or 14 wings
  • 85 oz: 24 wings or 9 drumsticks
  • 130 oz: 36 wings or 15 drumsticks

Paper Bags

We offer the usual sizes of paper bags, both brown and white. Small bags for small orders and large bags for menus. The bottom of the large bags is large enough to place two burger boxes next to each other.

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The assets of Foster Fast Food

The assets of Foster Fast Food



As a food supplier, we meet the requirements of the BRC standard. Food safety, hygiene and traceability.

Quality & taste

Quality & taste

We are an approved supplier of Halal products. For example: Achahada, Halal Services, Khalis Halal, etc.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality control is done by us and our suppliers. Temperature monitoring for both storage and transport.

Custom packaging

Custom packaging

We also provide personalized packaging and help you with the design. Minimum quantity and delivery time on request.

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