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Burger Patties

Beef burgers (also halal) in different sizes and weights from 45 g to 200 g.

Our burgers are made from ±100% quality beef. All our burgers are frozen (IQF = Individually Quick Frozen). We offer a standard range of weights and sizes such as 45 and 100 g, but also larger special formats such as 150 or even 200 g. The size of the burger is usually between 10 and 12 cm to fit most sandwiches. We also have exceptionally large 14-15 cm burgers.

Bun with Semolina

Burger Buns

Burger buns in all sizes and with different toppings.

We offer a wide range of seeded and unseeded burger buns. The typical diameter varies between 10-12 cm, but we also have larger sizes such as the Mega Bun of 16 cm. We also offer elongated sandwiches and bagels.


Fried Chicken

Breaded and battered chicken in all shapes and sizes.

Our range of fried chicken mainly consists of tenders, fillets and wings. But we also offer nuggets, burgers, drumsticks and strips. All our chicken is halal and you can choose between natural or hot & spicy



Mostly pizza dough, cheese and toppings.

Our pizza range consists of dough balls in different sizes, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheeses and toppings (also halal). We also have appetizers such as potato wedges and chicken wings.

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The assets of Foster Fast Food

The assets of Foster Fast Food



As a food supplier, we meet the requirements of the BRC standard. Food safety, hygiene and traceability.

Quality & taste

Quality & taste

We are an approved supplier of Halal products. For example: Achahada, Halal Services, Khalis Halal, etc.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality control is done by us and our suppliers. Temperature monitoring for both storage and transport.

Custom packaging

Custom packaging

We also provide personalized packaging and help you with the design. Minimum quantity and delivery time on request.

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